Dedicated to Providing Multilingual Communication Support Services

Team SWIFT consists of experts with in-depth technical knowledge and is dedicated to provide communication support mainly through translation and interpretation.
Our motto is to act swiftly as well as to provide high quality services, to meet various kinds of needs for clients such as universities, enterprises and individuals.

What determines the quality of translation or interpretation services?
Basically, translation/interpretation is to convert some expression in one language system into an expression in another language system. However, mere conversion does not mean true communication.
The true communication is never accomplished until the main theme of given sentences or remarks are correctly recognized in relation to their overall contexts. In addition, it is essential to precisely ‘interpret’ the message the writer/speaker intends to communicate, and also to make that message understood in words understandable to the recipients. We believe that a translation/interpretation service should be considered of high quality, only when these requirements are successfully met.

True communication is, thus, making opinions, feelings or information understood by others, by transcending time and boarders, and cross-linking gaps formed between different cultures, religions or ethnic groups. It is our role that is to assist our clients to achieve the “true communication”. Even right at this moment, by applying our broad knowledge and experience, Team SWIFT is providing communication support in various scenes, i.e. conversations abundant in casual lines or academic fronts with frequent occurrence of technical terms.

All of our members are sincerely looking forward to serving you in the near future!

List of Clients

  • NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) / Japan External Trade Organization (Osaka) /
    The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co., Ltd. / National Institute of Public Health /
    Kanazawa University / Daedalus Technologies, Inc. /
    Little Samurai Interactive Inc. / CMG Canadian Marketing Group /
    Japan Ottawa Travel / Sibiu International Theater Festival(Romania) /
    International Festival OKINAWA for Young Audience